Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gliding Through August

Well we are only about halfway through August and it's been an exciting month!

First, thank you to Sources for Design for naming me a Design Icon! What an honor and what a great turn out at fellow Icon of Design David Neishabori's, Azadi Fine Rugs this past Thursday night. I cannot think of a better group to be inducted with: 

Fred Unger - developer of the Royal Palms Resort and the Hermosa Inn http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/walking-on-water-6429723

Anne Gale of Wiseman & Gale Interior Design

John Schultz of Schultz Development Corp.

Craig Pearson of Pearson & Company

David Neishabori of Azadi Fine Rugs

Mark Boisclair of Mark Boisclair Photography

I thank all who attended including several of my friends, who came from beyond Arizona to celebrate with me, my team at Candelaria Design, and my wife and her crew from Earth and Images.

We also were happy to see three of our homes featured in the national publication, Elegant Homes Magazine. Our Zona Verde residence built by Desert Star Construction. http://desertstarconstruction.com was featured along with a home built by Schultz Development - our Santa Barbara Modern in Paradise Valley, and our Ranch Hacienda with a transitional twist built by Ron Barney. Three fantastic homes - all different styles. 

To add to this, we had two of our homes win First Place ASID Awards  at the gala last night at the Arizona Biltmore. Both homes are contemporary in style so yes we do design contemporary and these awards clearly demonstrate we are here to stay and proudly add this style to our repertoire. First, Interior Designer, Claire Ownby, ASID, http://ownbydesign.com received a first place award for a residence between 3500-6000 sf for this Candelaria Design contemporary home in Paradise Valley. We then also congratulate Interior Designer, Anita Lang, ASID, of IMI Design http://www.imidesignstudio.com for receiving a first place award for the best Kitchen for our Village at Mountain Shadows project featuring a Bulthaup Kitchenhttp://bulthaup.com/en-us/. Two fantastic designers and two over the top projects. 

First Place Best Residence between 3500-6000 st, Claire Ownby Design, Candelaria Design. Architect, Schultz Development, Builder.  

First Place - Best Kitchen Design, Village at Mountain Shadows, Anita Lange, ASID, IMI Design, Candelaria Design, Architect, Cullum Homes Builder and Developer.

We also see out HGTV Smart Homes was featured in Scottsdale Modern Luxury Magazine and the home has now been given away! https://modernluxury.com/modern-luxury-scottsdale/digital-edition

Plenty of amazing projects on the boards and the remodeling work is booming. Yes, we do a ton of remodels and they actually make up about 70% of our workload. We love them. We have remodels as far away as Long Island so they don't just have to be here. 

And of course there is always some time to get some cooking in As you know I love to cook - the gratification is a lot faster than architecture and I enjoy eating the creations..... Not sure I would enjoy eating a set of plans. With this week's posts on our social media it seems the smoked peaches got the most attention and requests for the recipe so here it goes: 

Smoked Peaches over Cinnamon Swirl Ice Cream

Purchase some nice fresh peaches - not too firm and definitely not too ripe. Split the peaches in half and remove the pit. Brush the peaches with canola oil sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar and some ground clove. Go easy - just a nice dusting.

You can then grill these on your weber or gas grille or even on a grill pan on the stove or a pan press. Or you can set them on your smoker and smoke them for about an hour and soak up that smoky flavor. 

Serve a scoop (or two) of cinnamon swirl ice cream, and dice the smoked/grilled peaches and top the ice cream. Add a sprig of mint and fresh whip cream and you can always add a drizzle balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

Update on Isabel

Again thank you for all the calls, posts, cards, flowers, dinners, and most importantly, prayers!!! We appreciate them so much and they definitely make a difference to both of us. Isabel continues to do great. Her hairline is in fact catching up with mine and she wore some of her fun wigs this weekend. Her attitude constantly inspires me and lets me up. The side effete are still, thank God, minimal so that is good. Five treatments completed so we are done with the first quarter. Thanks everyone for your energy. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Candelaria Design Wine Tour in Spain

Wine Tour in Rioja and the Basque Country

A couple quick updates, my three Team Directors attended a three day workshop on management, goal setting, and strategic planning in Newport, California and then my Associates, Vivian, Evelyn and I joined them after they completed the program for a weekend retreat where we could all work together to lay out our one year, five year, and ten year goals. We had a very productive weekend and we have some super exciting goals and plans for the years ahead! I am so proud of this group and their commitment to our company's vision, their team members, and each other. Such fantastic energy and the future of Candelaria Design is set for years to come. 

Ok so I have not finished the Spain blogs so let's get back to that.........

Halfway through our Candelaria Spain Tour now and settled in at our hotel in LaGuardia in the wonderful Basque Wine Country. Today is Monday and our day to get into the wine of the region and some of the fantastic architecture just a stone's throw from our village. 

Our first stop was the spectacular Ysios Winery with off the chart architecture. https://visitas.pernodricardbodegas.com/index.php/en/visit-yois-winery-la-guardia-rioja-alavesa Designed by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatravas, the structure celebrates and mimics the undulating Sierra de Cantabria mountains that form the backdrop to this architectural sculpture. 

The 8,000 square foot building feels like a church and I could not help but feel the spirituality and celebration of wine in this space. To top it off the wine was spectacular but not available anywhere outside of Spain so we purchased several bottles to enjoy while here. 

From San Ysios we drove a few miles to the Hotel and Bodegas Marque's de Riscal designed by American architect, Frank Gehry. http://www.marquesderiscal.com/indexeng.php This place is amazing and I have always admired Frank Gehry's work but never been like a huge fan but that all changed on this trip. This hotel, like most of his work, is a sculpture, a piece of are, you can walk to. But beyond that his work incorporates cutting edge technology - with glass, metal, structure. The perfect blend of art and technology - the embodiment of the word "architecture"

We enjoyed a nice lunch on the terrace with the old architecture of the neighboring village in the distance - the perfect contrast. What a fabulous light lunch of an egg over roasted red peppers in oil and garlic, smoked octopus, beef cheek sliders all topped off with some spectacular wine. Delicious. 

We then made our way to the nearby village to just relax in the main plaza and simply enjoy the people and a Monday afternoon. Many times it's the simple things like this that just put a trip like this in perspective - its real!

After our day in wine country it was time to come back to LaGuardia and catch up with the rest of our crew for dinner. Everyone went on their own little adventures - another big advantage to having our own cars. What is fun now is sharing our stories and experiences
from the day. We all gathered in a fun little restaurant right in the heart of LaGuardia. Quiet and only locals including the town priest enjoying a glass of wine at the bar on what I'm sure he thought would be just another uneventful Monday evening. Little did he know that Candelaria Tour Spain was ready for some fun. 

Fabulous food, fantastic wine, which led to singing, transitioning to dancing, and we had no choice but to get the town priest involved in our festivities! What a fantastic evening, finishing with cigars and port back at the hotel with the owner of our hotel where we discussed travel, architecture, life and cooking! Through it all I was offered the opportunity to spend an evening in the kitchen with the hotel restaurant chef..... but that's another blog to come! 

Update on Isabel

First and foremost, thanks for all the cards, flowers, dinners, and most importantly, prayers!!! They are all appreciated so much by both of us and its so nice to not feel alone in this journey. You are ALL wonderful and we are truly blessed. Isabel is doing great - her hairline is catching up with mine but I must say I love her new do! The side effects have been minimal so far and she is a quarter of the way through her chemo treatments. She inspires me with her attitude and sense of humor. She is amazing!