Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 2009 - Candelaria Design Fall Update

Fall is finally upon us and how nice it is to be outside again and enjoying Arizona. Sitting around the firepit, cocktail parties on the lawn, friends over for a barbecue, and the kids can finally be outside all day. I love October – it’s my favorite month. Great weather, football, World Series, fall color, parties – I love it.

This month’s blog is a bit of a hodge-podge and is more of an overall update on things going on. First and foremost, it is exciting to see some life out there. We have definitely seen things pickup over the last 30-60 days so that is very encouraging. Credit is still very tight and at least in our corner of the world we haven’t seen nor heard of any of this so called stimulus money out there. Perhaps its time to start the Cash for Clunkers program for all the foreclosures. Seems like doing this instead of giving the 700 catrillions to the banks might have done more to get the economy going. Nevertheless. deals are happening and hopefully, the worse is over.

Many things are happening at Candelaria Design. Several very interesting projects getting started including a new house near McCall, Idaho whereby our goal is to make the house as self-sustainable as possible, through the use of geothermal, hydroelectric, and solar. It’s a project for an old high school and college buddy so that is really going to be fun. We have a number of new houses we are just getting started on and several incredible houses on the boards, many more in the field. I believe last count we currently have 12 houses under construction in Paradise Valley alone. We currently have three houses featured in national publications and we are working on a TV spot so there are some great things going. I really feel our projects, clients, and work just get better and better each year. My team has held in there through these tough times and I cannot imagine having a better crew to work with than what we have at Candelaria Design. It would be great if the government didn’t take so much of my profits whereby I could actually maybe hire someone.

One very exciting project we have underway is the El Chorro Restaurant on Lincoln in Paradise Valley. We are working with such great team, including Jacquie Dorrance – our client, Desert Star Construction, Berghoff Design, Creative Designs in Lighting, Vallone Interiors, Tim & Kristy Moore, well the list can go for a while….. Be watching for details and check out the website at . I’m sworn to secrecy about what the new El Chorro will be like but I can assure you it’s going to have the Old El Chorro flair and feel and yes the sticky buns will still be baked each day.

We were also awarded an 2009 Excellence in Masonry Award last weekend for a beautiful house we designed and had constructed by Schultz Development in Horseshoe Canyon ~ Silverleaf, Scottsdale, Arizona. The masonry work was done by Sutter Masonry. The home has been featured in the November 2008 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine and will be featured in a new book we have coming out this fall.

The 2009 Italy trip has been pushed back to 2010 due to the economy – but we have a good list started for 2010. So I am hoping the added time allows everyone to save their money for this great trip. Perhaps we’ll pay for the trip in Euros now and by the time we go the trip will be free. Anyway, the trip is set for September 29, 2010 and returning on October 10, 2010. The trip runs between $4500 - $5000 depending upon if you go single or double. That includes your round trip air fare, rental car, transfers, hotels in Florence and Rome and your accommodations for the farmhouses and chef we arrange in the Umbrian countryside for the balance of the trip. Many other great highlights to this trip so email me if interested. I plan to take no more than 12 people and I know with this much time we will get it filled out.

Coming up on Sunday, November 8th is the Free Arts of Arizona and Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine 15th Annual Palette of Homes Tour which we will be having one of two of the homes on the Deluxe Dream Tour. The fundraiser benefits Free Arts of Arizona which is a non-profit organization that brings the power of creative arts to abused, neglected, and homeless children by partnering with over 100 group homes, treatment centers, and shelters in Maricopa County. This is the third home we have been fortunate to have on this tour and we thank our clients for opening their homes up to this truly wonderful program that really makes a difference in many children’s lives. If you need tickets, you can call our office at 602-604-2001 or go to . Tickets start at $100 for the basic tour and go up to $250 for the Deluxe Dream Tour. The house we have featured is truly spectacular and one you do not want to miss. 14000+ square feet on 2+ acres showcasing some amazing work by several of the Valley’s best craftsmen and artisans.

That’s about it. In two weeks I head out for the Scottsdale Chorro Ride down in Tubac, Ariona. Four days and three nights on a horse with about 150 other urban cowboys. This will be my fourth ride and I always look forward to the ride and hanging with the guys. More on that in blogs ahead.

Speaking of blogs ahead, we will be featuring some fun topics in the month’s ahead, including wine and wine rooms – maybe a wine trip, more cooking and kitchen topics, Going Green and LEED items, of course architecture and design, and some features on some of our clients and what they are doing. Check out our Facebook Fan Page at for daily updates, videos, etc. All exciting! Enjoy the fall weather - time to get back to the drawing board!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 1999-2009 - 10 Year Anniversary

We are happy to announce our 10 year anniversary of Candelaria Design – August 28, 1999 – 2009. Wow that went by very quickly but looking back so much has happened in now what seems like a very short time. It’s funny how time is like that…..

I moved to Arizona 30 years ago this month to attend my second year of school at Arizona State University after spending my freshman year at the University of Colorado. Some of my first classes were with the late Cal Straub (you architecture junkies will know him) and of course my ultimate mentor, the late George W. Christensen. Little did I know that three years later I would be a draftsman in George’s office over on the corner of 24th Street and Campbell. During the course of going to school I met my ex-wife and needed to get a job. Of course the economy was quite bad in 79-80 and there were not a lot of jobs out there – especially for a guy with no real experience, and lacking a degree. Well I found one with a subsidiary of Schuff Steel designing billboard structures. I designed billboard structures for Outdoor Systems, Gannett, etc. Little did I know that 25 years later I would be designing personal homes for two of the principals of those firms later in my career and my office would ultimately be in the original headquarters of Schuff Steel designed by the late Al Beadle.

Well the billboard business went into the tank and I was laid off. While searching the newspaper I found an ad for a draftsman at George Christiansen’s office – now that job I wanted. I answered the ad and went to the interview conducted by Dave Jones and Dick Miller – two of the best architects I ever knew or worked for. I told them I needed this job and would work for free if they gave me the chance. Once there they could determine what I was worth and I would be happy. Fortunately, God blessed me with the ability to draw and they must have seen enough of that ability in the meager portfolio I was able to put together combined with my passion for this position. March 3, 1982 I received a call from Dianne Kleber (George’s office manager who now works with me 27 years later) that I was being offered the position. I was so happy and I was willing to work endlessly (and I did) to show these guys they had made the right choice. Within days I was working on the Van Houten Residence (now one of my retirement fund managers for our firm) the Paul Harvey Residence in the Biltmore, amongst many others to come. The first builder I met with was Gerald and Jerry Meek of Desert Star Construction who ended up building the Van Houten Residence for I think $280k…… unbelievable.

Well the years went by and after projects like Casa Blanca in Scottsdale, and the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Los Caballeros in Wickenburg, Paradise Valley Methodist Church, Mount Claret, not to mention hundreds of homes and remodels I became a partner with George in 1987 and CCBC, Inc was formed. George Christensen was an amazing mentor, friend, teacher and a very missed drinking buddy. Boy we had some great times and of course the George stories are endless….that’s a blog in and of itself.

The years passed and George retired and moved on and my time to set my own path was upon me. I remarried in May of 1999 and upon the return of my honeymoon it became apparent it was the right time to set forth. By September 99 I said my goodbyes to the CCBG gang (with George’s departure Joe Groff had stepped up – hence the G) and started my own gig – me and my two dogs Nacho and Lulu were the whole office. I was determined to keep things simple and work from my little loft space at my townhouse and just enjoy life. Heather and I would field measure projects together and one of our first projects was a garage conversion (that never went forward) on Exeter Blvd. in Arcadia. Again, little did we know that within 10 years we would be doing some of the most grand homes on Exeter and changing the landscape and character of that street.

Six months later my wife said it was time to get an office. The loft was full and the papers, were falling over the railings. So I set out to find a space. My good friend Fred Fleet said he had some space he could sublease and so I went to check it out – 4th floor but down four levels in a basement….. didn’t feel right. I received a call 10 minutes after looking at the basement space that my friend's PR firm was splitting up and they had some space to sublease. Of course that is our current office space in the old Schuff Steel headquarters just a few blocks west of where I first went to work in George's office.

The years went by and the staff grew – some of my early additions are still with me today, Jeff Kramer, Vivian Ayala, and Dianne Kleber. All three of them have been just amazing, hard working and talented people to work with. Their commitment and integrity are impeccable. I have been truly blessed to have them both join me during the early years of my company. I also want to thank Evelyn Bhattan who does the best job at running my operation everyday. She is a phenomenal member of our team and allows the rest of us to play architect every day. We then have been lucky and have been able to land some really great projects. My good friend Patrick Murphy and Larry Peery each had new houses for us to do. Patrick’s little cabin in Coeur d’Alene and Larry’s house in Cottonwood, AZ. Both got us going….more followed, many, many more. We started the Italy tour which really had a major impact on the growth of our firm and the client list – not to mention a huge influence on our designs. Jeff Kramer and I did the very first house ever constructed in Silverleaf, homes in Idaho, California, Oklahoma, Colorado…..its been a real ride.

Many names and faces have passed through our doors and our client list has grown way beyond my wildest dreams. I thank everyone, especially my wife and children, for making the life and career of a guy from Durango, Colorado whose Dad was a hard working railroader and whose Mom used to drag me through model homes on weekends, a dream come true. I thank my current staff and team who are working very hard to ride out these tough times together. Your commitment, encouragement, dedication and talent are all greatly cherished - you are all a great joy to collaborate and have fun with.

Reflecting back on all that has taken place in the last 10 years, not to mention the last thirty, I can only imagine what the next 10 years will bring……

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 2009 - Candelaria Design Italy Tour 2009 ~ September 30th - October 11th

I hope everyone is having a great summer. It's been nice up here in Idaho and I am getting ready to head back for my be-weekly visit to Phoenix - I cannot wait to be back in those 110º + temps!!!

This month's blog is dedicated to our upcoming Italy 2009 trip to Tuscany and Umbria. This will be our 8th tour and I am really looking forward to our first Fall excursion through this absolutely magical place. Over the years we have had some great trips and each year we fine tune things and the trip gets better each year. This is a great way for first time travelers whether to Europe or Italy to really experience the lifestyle, culture and country settings that you would never see on a canned tour. First of all I limit the travelers from between 8 - 12 people, you have your own car, and you stay in beautiful country homes overlooking the Tuscan/Umbrian countryside while enjoying local vintage wines and cusine.

Our trip begins on Wednesday, September 30th whereby we will depart Phoenix and fly to Florence, Italy. We land in Florence on Thursday morning, October 1st, whereby we will check into the Hotel Brunelleschi ( for two nights in the heart of Firenze. This hotel is fantastic and is just a few steps from the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo, and the Ponte Vecchio. After settling in Thursday morning and getting past the jet lag we are free to tour all that this Renaissance gem has to offer. The David at the Academia, The Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Santa Croce Basillica where Galileo, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Dante, are all entombed just to name a few. Friday evening we travel up the hills above Florence to dine at the Villa San Michele ( The former monastery, whose facade was designed by Michelangelo overlooks the entire Arno River valley and all of Florence. This dinner is always one of the high points of the trip.

Saturday, October 3rd we grab our cars at the Florence airport and we make our way south of Florence on the Autostrada to the Umbrian countryside and our country houses in the Niccone River Valley. These homes are a real treat and although our guests get a bit spoiled staying in the 4 star hotel in Florence, the quiet, solitude, fresh air, and country tempo make this a real experience for first time travelers to the country. These homes are rustic, and very authentic. Three homes make up this retreat sitting high above the valley floor overlooking castles, farms, and wooded hills on 155 acres. The grounds feature a stunning negative edge pool and beautiful gardens and terraces for relaxing and enjoying a quiet respite from the busy agenda we tackle each day. Our in house chef Melchiorre has a wonderful dinner cooking when we arrive and it is a great way to transition from the hustle and bustle of Florence to the tranquility and hospitality of the country.

Sunday, October 4th we drive to the Villa di Piazanno ( for brunch on the terrace. This is one of my favorite places to visit. When we came 10 years ago they had just opened after purchasing the estate and it has been remarkable to see the changes over the last decade. The operators are very friendly and always accommodating to my groups. Their food is fantastic and the scenery here is most memorable. We then venture on to the historic town of Arezzo, Italy and the monthly antique fair and marketplace. We wrap the day with dinner in Cortona, Italy - site of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. .

Monday, October 5th we start the day with a trip to Cama Deruta for the pottery factory tour, lunch in Deruta, Italy and then we make our way to Assisi, home of St. Francis to tour the church and town wrapping with a fabulous dinner in Assisi.

Tuesday, October 6th is the Wine Tour with my good friend Pino. He always puts on a great tour for us and gets us into some amazing cellars. This is an all day excursion and we meet him early in the morning whereby he rents a van/bus for us so its sipping wine and napping as we wind our way through some of the most picturesque countryside you could ever imagine. During the day we stop in Pienza, Italy for a great lunch followed by a trip to a fabulous olive oil and cheese shop to pick up our wedges of pecorino cheese. Montalcino, Montepulciano, are all stops on this fabulous day. We finish the day with a seven course, family style meal at Mimmi's. This is always voted best meal of the trip in terms of taste!

Wednesday, October 7th starts with a trip to the Farmer's Market in Umbertide, Italy. This is a great market that moves from town to town in the region during the week. We stock up on supplies and farm fresh ingredients for our cooking class and dinner later that evening. During the day we head to Lacole' for our search of architectural antiques and doors. The tour at Lacole' is broken up with a great lunch in one of the small country houses near Citta di Castello, Italy. We make our way back to the country houses in the afternoon to be greeted by Melchiorre and our in-house cooking class. From home made pasta, to salads to main courses cooked over the open flame of the Living Room fireplace this is always a wonderful and relaxing evening.

Thursday, October 8th will be our trip to Siena, Italy. This is probably my favorite town. This rival of Florence sits atop a beautiful hill and has a unique atmosphere all its own. The duomo is amazing and always a definite stop but as with every trip after a busy day of walking and shopping the winding streets we all finally convene at the beautiful Piazza del Campo, the town square. The square is famous for hosting the Palio horse race each year. This is a wonderful space to just sit with a glass of wine, a little antipasto or a gelato (which by the way is amazing in Italy) and just watch life go by. It's always hard to pick yourself up and leave this space - no cars and you get a sense of what life may have been like here hundreds of years ago.

Friday, October 9th, we will say goodbye to the country houses and make our drive to Roma. Last trip we stopped in Orvieto, Italy and that was a good move. The town and Duomo are amazing. Have a little lunch do a little shopping and site seeing then it is on to Rome. We drop the cars off at the Rome airport and then transfer to the Hotel Forum ( which yes, is right next to the forum with fabulous views of the ruins. This is a great small boutique hotel with a nice bar and lounge and close proximity to all the action Rome has to offer. We generally grab a late dinner and find our way to the Piazza Navona or the Campo de' Fiori. Both great people watching spaces for the late night crowd.

Saturday, October 10th, is a free day in Rome. We start the day with breakfast on the Hotel Forum rooftop restaurant overlooking all of Rome. What a great way to start the day. Fresh Italian coffee a little croissant and off we go. The Vatican, Colliseum, Pantheon, shopping, food,'s all good. We generally have a nightcap on the hotel rooftop bar and get ready for the long journey back to Phoenix on Sunday, October 11th.

So that's the trip - its a great trip full of many memories. If any of you past travelers read this blog I encourage you to post some comments for those that are considering the trip this year. We basically have 2 spots left so I encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for information. We plan to close the trip and book our flights on July 31st so time is running out. This is a great way to travel whereby you really have nothing to do but purchase your spot and have your passports ready. It will be a fantastic time of year to see this wonderful place. CALL NOW 602-604-2001 or email me at for details. Please join me!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer 2009 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

It is hard to believe we are already at the halfway point of 2009! Boy, what a busy first half of the year. It’s nice to have the time, and luxury, to return to my back-and-forth, Phoenix to Coeur d’Alene, summer schedule.

In many ways it feels as if I am at a crossroads and at the threshold of many milestones. First, this year is the 10 year anniversary of my marriage to my wife, mother of my two youngest daughters, and biggest supporter, Heather. How she puts up with my schedule and commitment to Candelaria Design is a blessing. Her reward is spending those beautiful summer days in Coeur d’Alene. This is also the 10 year anniversary of Candelaria Design. Over the last ten years we have grown from a staff of me and my two dogs in year one, up to 24 people during the boom times and now back to a much more reasonable size of 10 – which I love. We have accomplished a great deal in this time and have designed hundreds of homes for some unbelievable people. Finally, this is the one year anniversary of our Candelaria Design Blog! Looking back at the pictures and blogs from the past year it has been a busy time and the year ahead looks equally exciting and filled with many creative opportunities.

Reflecting on all that has transpired since I typed from this very deck while overlooking the lake a year ago it is amazing what has happened. New president, new economy, new projects, and some old projects have since come back. Girls getting bigger, new dog, my wife doing triatholons, trip to Italy, British Columbia, Canada, Santa Barbara, Denver, Portland….We have some of the best houses on our boards or under construction at this time – much better situation than a year ago. Everyone’s healthy and we are truly fortunate.

Probably the biggest trend I’ve seen over this year is a focus on time with the family, the simple things, good food, and enjoying our homes. I think that is what I love most about being up here in Idaho. The girls spend time planting flowers, growing tomatoes, playing on the beach, baking cookies, hiking through the forest – not watching TV or playing video games. They are out and enjoying nature and making memories. Our summer visitors start arriving tomorrow – and we are excited to share this place with our friends, employees and family this summer.

Next weekend is the IronMan Coeur d’Alene ( . The race starts with a 2.4 miles swim in Lake Coeur d’Alene which is about 52-54º today ( ) …..brrrrr. That is followed by a 112 mile bike ride then a full 26.2 mile marathon. I have three friends doing it next weekend – two guys and one gal all from Phoenix. I admire the commitment something like that takes. It will be real interesting to see how they prepare and recover from this event.

My idea for a quick recovery would be boat ride across the lake to Gozzer Ranch and Lake Club ( A Discovery Land Company property this is truly one of the most well done developments I have ever seen. A nice massage, a dip in the Red Barn pool (a little warmer than the lake by the way) and then maybe sipping a martini at the Jones Cabin while putting on the practice green and you have the makings of a great afternoon. If your real ambitious and the Ironman was not enough you can play a round of golf and maybe some paddleboarding down at Squaw Bay and now you are talking about my kind of IronMan.

Finally, you might cap the day off with another jaunt across the lake on a Stancraft wood boat ( . These works of art on water are handcrafted in nearby Post Falls, Idaho by our good friend Robb Bloem. These boats were first handcrafted in the 1930’s and now are on their third generation of family craftsmen putting their love and passion into every boat that comes out of their shop.

By this time you have to have worked up an appetite and what better place to enjoy a great dinner than Angelo’s in Coeur d’Alene ( ). Angelo Martini Brunson opened this quaint ristorante in 2004 and we discovered it shortly thereafter. Angelo’s produce, beef, lamb and chicken all come from local farmers and the fish comes from the nearby lakes and ocean not farms. His commitment to quality and the friendly atmosphere is always a first visit when we come to town. You never know who you might sit next to from John Elway, Dennis Frantz, or Wayne Gretzky all CDA homeowners. Definitely try the Lobster Ravioli – this one is always one we share with the whole table.

Every weekend there is something happening up here, Ironman, Car – d’Alene, Farmer's Market every Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon, the best 4th of July you could imagine, the CDA Wooden Boat Show, the Gozzer Barn Dance . . . well you get the picture. It is better than any summer you could ever imagine.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May - Mother's Day Blog

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies out there who raise our children (and husbands) and make our lives sweet, wonderful and tolerable. I especially want to wish my wife, Heather, the happiest of Mother’s Days!!! Between my long hours, late and early meetings, endless phone calls and texts, blogging, travel, etc., etc. I want you to know I appreciate all you do for me and our girls! I love you.

This month’s feature is focused on two ladies – mom’s of course – who have started two fantastic ventures just a few feet from each other on the southwest corner of Camelback and 44th Street – Trouve’ and Chestnut Lane. These two businesses follow the old adage that if you do what you love, do it with passion, sophistication, and a commitment to quality, you have a winner. I love both of these establishments for that reason and the fact that every time I go to either one I walk away inspired.

Chestnut Lane, ( a quaint café serving fresh baked goodies, coffee and teas, a short list of breakfast items, great salads, soups, and sandwiches, was recently started by my client and friend, Polly Levine. I was fortunate enough to design an absolutely gorgeous home for her and her family a few years ago with Nance Construction. In doing so, I got to work with and appreciate her and what exquisite taste and dedication to quality she has. These values have transcended right into her new café. Inspired through her visits to Joan’s on Third in LA and Dean & Deluca in SoHo, the café is simple and small but a feeling of quality, care, and simplicity emanates throughout. I love it. Between my stops there and all the lunches from Chestnut Lane I have at Vallone Interiors I gladly get my Chestnut Lane fix every week.

Polly Levine’s concept grew from her passion for food and cooking. She learned to cook when she was 12 years old and had her own subscriptions to Bon Appetite and Gourmet by the time she was 14. She is a self–taught cook and through travel and reading and just cooking she knew this was something she wanted to pursue. Her café is committed to bringing back the real and forgotten things in life – especially good food through the use of premium, locally grown, in-season ingredients and her belief that processed foods have no place in our lives and especially our bodies. Foods are prepared fresh each day and when they run out that is it. Nothing sits around for very long – that I can assure you.

The freshness is definitely appreciated and the day I was there I enjoyed the Tuscan Vegetable with Barley soup and the Lobster Cobb Salad. Both were fantastic, not over salted (in the case of the soup) and tasted like food should taste – every ingredient had something to offer because of the freshness. It was a joy to eat. The lobster cobb salad is definitely my favorite. Lobster and bacon – hmmm sounds like a good combo to me! Of course add some bib lettuce, avocado, egg, plum tomatoes and a little roasted corn and wow! Of course I had to top it off with a pecan bar which was fantastic – not so sweet that it was pure sugar, but perfectly balanced with great flavor. I encourage you to check it out and enjoy. Chestnut Lane is open Tuesday through Friday 7am-2pm and Saturday from 8am – 1pm. Take out and case goods are available – 602-535-5439.

Trouve’, (, meaning “found” in French, is the dream shared by mother and daughter team of Joan Colangelo and Krissie Brubaker. Again, I was fortunate to work on three homes for the Colangelos over the last ten years and what a joy that has been. These ladies, as with Jerry, all have exquisite taste, class, and style and that can all be found in their beautiful shop and courtyard featuring antiques, architectural collectibles, vintage treasures, and gifts. A trip to their shop and courtyard is like a quick jaunt to Europe without the hassle of a 12 hour jet ride.

Trouve’ was the dream of this talented mother / daughter team which started when Krissie was in 5th grade whereby the two talked about opening an antique store someday. Joan started a small corporate gift division in 1989 and when Krissie’s youngest was off to kindergarten it was time to make the dream of Trouve’ happen. The store opened in 2002 and between this dream and the extensive traveling throughout Europe the two have collected everything from 17th Century tapestries, to 18th Century furnishings, 19th and 20th Century lighting to architectural items for the garden. Fireplaces, armoires, sofas, tables, fireplace fronts, the list goes on and it is all truly spectacular.

Most of their items come from their searches in France, Belgium, England, Spain and Italy but they have been venturing into the newly opened opportunities and sources in Eastern Europe. Buying trips to Europe occur two to three times a year and they are always searching stateside for hidden treasures. Although, many think of using antiques or collectibles for a traditional setting or home, Krissie points out that a number of their pieces have ended up as accent pieces in a number of contemporary homes. “These serve to soften and personalize these types of spaces,” Krissie points out and I agree.

Although the store has this sophisticated feel as a customer you will find items and prices across a wide range for everything from their unique antiques and furnishings, to gifts in the $20 range such as books and small gift items. In essence, everyone can enjoy something from their collection. Nothing does this better than their books available for sale. Sure they can be found on Amazon but the experience of buying a book at Trouve’ is what is so unique. Again, it is like traveling to Europe for a few moments, enjoy the items around you and while you are at it I can always find a new book which allows me to take the experience with me. “I want our local neighbors to realize they can find furnishings for their Arcadia homes here in our store,” Krissie point out. I have many clients who have done just that and absolutely love the personality, charm, and usually a story Trouve’ pieces bring to their homes.

Krissie and Joan’s commitment to quality, beauty, and family all come across in this store. Despite the sophistication of the items you will find in their store and garden you are always greeted with the warmth and humble friendliness Joan, Krissie and the whole Colangelo family always personify. I encourage a trip there for Father’s day as they have some great items for Dad too. Store hours are from Tuesday – Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm. They also have a beautiful store in Carmel, California and it is also worth a stop when in that part of the world.

So, enjoy a trip to 44th and Camelback. Stop in at Trouve’ and then enjoy a delicious soup and sandwich or salad at Chestnut Lane and walk away feeling like you just jumped the pond and spent an afternoon in Paris!