Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 from Candelaria Design

Merry Christmas everyone! I am blessed to have my whole family here this year. My daughter Tiffany is here from Denver, my brother and his family are here from Durango, and of course my Mom and Dad now live here so we are having a great time.

My Candelaria Design Team is definitely enjoying the Holiday. From Telluride to California our staff is out and about enjoying the festivities. Our offices will be closed from Christmas Eve through January 4th and we will reopen on January 5th.

Meanwhile…..should you need one more gift to cap off the year and do so in style we invite you to join us for our 2015 Candelaria Design Tour Italy! We have an amazing trip planned for next year and now is the time to book this on your calendar. We already have a fun core of travelers going so you don't want to wait as I take a limited number and the trip fills fast after the first of the year.  If you have even had the thought of going - this is the year. Enjoy this video of this year's trip Candelaria Design 2014 Tour Italy Video and then contact us and get this once in a lifetime experience on you calendar. We offer great terms and you have plenty of time to make this all happen.

This year we will start the trip on September 16th where we will fly to Florence where we will spend three days and two wonderful evenings in this Renaissance masterpiece. We will stay at the Hotel Brunellschi which is fabulous and we will dine on the street in front of the Duomo our first night and then in the hills above Florence at the Villa San Michele on our second night. From Florence we will drive (yes you will have your own car) to our farmhouse compound in Umbria. Our farmhouse compound consists of three homes with a beautiful negative edge pool overlooking the hills of Tuscany.

Our charming homes in Umbria will act as our base for a week of enjoyment in the country. We will explore the wine country of Tuscany with our personal wine guide, Pino, and we will have private cooking class with our personal chef, Elizabeth Wholey, right in our homes.  We will tour  Assisi, Cortona, Montepulciano, Montalcino, and a number other Tuscan and Umbrian villages and hill towns.

With our week done in the countryside, we will take our convoy southward past Rome and down to the Amalfi Coast where we will stay in Positano, Italy. For three days and three nights we will enjoy the cuisine and beauty of the coast and work in a little boat trip to explore Capri! We will return to Phoenix on September 30th.

All of this can be yours for $8000 per person or $14,000 per couple  including coach airfare, hotel accommodations, your rental car, several meals, cooking class, wine tour, pre-trip party, post-trip party, book and video of the trip. Trust me you will be amazed at how much you get and what is nice not one dollar is wasted. This is our 12th trip and our hotels, vendors, and restaurants work with us to give us fantastic value and impeccable, personal service. There really is no better way to experience Italy and maximize all 14 days than this trip. You will need a vacation from your vacation after this adventure.

Join us now!!!! See trip details on our Lifestyle Tab of our Candelaria Design Website Candelaria Design

Merry Christmas ~ Ciao!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gigi's Playhouse Coming to Scottsdale in 2015

One of the best aspects of my life and career are the wonderful people I get to meet and work for. The one consistent theme with nearly all of my clients is their willingness to give back. Currently, we are working on a number of philanthropic projects from the new Colton Bat Cave which I will feature early next year, to the Charro Lodge and now the Corral at Scottsdale Stadium, to the Phoenix Dream Room - which we were awarded The Best Overall Room this year, to St. Mary's Food Bank, and now we are involved with a new, wonderful, project right here in Scottsdale, Gigi's Playhouse!

My clients' Matt and Jennifer Gage introduced us to the project this summer. "About a year ago, I heard about a mom from Chicago that had a daughter with Down syndrome," Jennifer goes on to say.  "And when she realized the limited opportunities for her, she set out to create GiGI’s Playhouse – a Down syndrome Achievement Center."  That was 11 years ago. Today there are 30 playhouses across the country with one in Mexico!  This mom was Nancy Gianni and she has gone on to break through barriers that have existed from the beginning of time and is seeking to change the way the world sees Down syndrome, One child.  One diagnosis.  One community at a time.  

Jennifer and Matt jumped on board and are now spearheading a Gigi's Playhouse right here in Scottsdale and we are so proud to have Candelaria Design involved in this unique privilege to be among this movement.  Jennifer is orchestrating and working with an amazing group of valley volunteers and philanthropists who are making this dream a reality for the families of Phoenix! 

"Because our programs are 100% free for our participants, we are always actively fundraising and seeking support from our community businesses," Jennifer says.  "We found a great location for the first GiGi’s Playhouse for the Phoenix Metropolitan area on 92nd Street and Shea in Scottsdale.  When I reached out to my friend and architect Mark Candelaria to help design the space – not only did he make a monetary donation, without batting an eye he created the perfect space for our kids.  It is partnerships like this that will help the Playhouse to flourish and serve."

Gigi's Playhouse is set to open in early January.  It is an absolute pleasure to help out and be a part of this dream. Candelaria Design Project Manager, Braden Santacrangelo, is spearheading the architecture design of the space for Jennifer and permits have been received and work is underway! I encourage everyone to make even a small donation during this Holiday season and help this project over the goal line. They can always use volunteers at the playhouse and this makes a good team building company project.  If you are interested in making a donation or serving as a volunteer at the playhouse, please visit our webpage at Gigi's Playhouse or call Jennifer Gage at 602.291.9476