Saturday, February 13, 2016

Some Thoughts on Valentine's Day 2016

 Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! It looks like a beautiful weekend – at least here in sunny Arizona with temps in the upper 80’s in mid February!!!

Valentine’s Day reminds me of several things each year. First it reminds me of a very special project for me and many others in the design and construction industry – that being the makeover and rehab of El Chorro in Paradise Valley. I most definitely will stop in for an Old Fashioned and a cigar this weekend to reflect back on this wonderful project that I am personally so proud of.

First, and foremost I want to thank my good friend and builder, Jerry Meek, of Desert Star Construction for bringing me on board for this project and then of course Jacquie Dorrance for her vision and love of El Chorro and what it means to the history of Paradise Valley and Arizona. What a team, from Desert Star Construction, Vallone Design, Berghoff Design Group, Walter Spitz and Creative Designs in Lighting, and of course Tim and Kristy Moore, to the many amazing subs and suppliers who all offered their input, craftsmanship and expertise. This project is a labor of love and the fact it reopened on Valentine’s week it has to make my Valentine’s Day list.

My next memory of Valentine’s Day is always the Scottsdale Parada del Sol parade which kicks off this morning down Scottsdale Road in Old Town Scottsdale. I have made my way down Scottsdale Road on a horse with my fellow Scottsdale Charros brothers many times and unfortunately cannot make it this year as I have a lot going on with the kiddos this weekend. But I love participating in the parade and the experience of riding a horse down Scottsdale Road and enjoying the big crowd that always shows up. I’m sure with our great weather this weekend there will be a big turnout. I am so honored to be a part of the Scottsdale Charros and all they do for the community! Support us by making it out to the Charro Lodge and catch some Scottsdale Charros Spring Training baseball next month!

Finally, Valentine’s Day would not be complete without being in love. I am so blessed to have frankly, a ton of love, from my three daughters, Sophia, Isabella and Tiffany, my mom, Karin, my wife’s mother, Alette, and of course my wife and love of my life, Isabel! How lucky I am and a day doesn’t go by that isn’t frankly, Valentine’s Day for me. I wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day. 

Isabel came into my life during some of my darkest hours and has transformed my life with her love, belief, and support. She is my best friend, lover, partner, and fellow designer with her studio at Earth and Images.

I am so excited to see of our combined projects now come to life. Our trips to Italy have taken on a entirely new dimension and this year we will be celebrating and sharing our 6th and 7th trips together.  I cannot tell you how much she has added to my experience of life. The fact is architecture and design is a way of life….you live it and breathe it 24/7. To share life with a woman who also lives and breathes it 24/7 makes it so much easier. How many couples talk about baseboard details in bed….:-). We both love it.

I think, I’ll stop there….I wish you all a beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day. I’ll be having a few friends over Sunday and will be cooking some Valentine’s Day short ribs over risotto so stay tuned for some more recipes. Have fund everybody – I love you all!

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