Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 1 - Candelaria Design Tour Italy Departure!

Today we start our 9th Candelaria Design Tour Italy! We just hit 10,000 feet as we are flying over eastern Arizona on our way to Florence, Italy. Eight of my travelers all met at our gate in Phoenix and two of my travelers are departing from the east coast and meeting us in Florence tomorrow morning.

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Everyone was up early and I think most of us are still half asleep but you can definitely feel the excitement in everyone and I know we all just want to get there and get the trip underway. I like to break the flight up so instead of flying directly to Rome we stop somewhere on the east coast for a few hours to grab some dinner, stretch, walk-around, make those last calls and emails and then we catch a flight over the ocean during the evening hours which makes it a lot easier to sleep. We arrive in Amsterdam ready to go, where we will enter the Eurozone and go through customs and then its a short flight over France and the Swiss Alps and then we drop down to Florence. We arrive around noon tomorrow!

We will do our best to post daily and we hope you live vicariously through our blog and Facebook Page. LIKE our page while you are there.

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